Underscore - December 2014

Underscore is a complete system for highlighting paths, designing textures and even adding colour to environments. A new trend way to rediscover dark spaces using graphic light to give shape and character to shadow.

Trick - September 2014

Trick is not designed to create general light or meet the specific mathematical requirements of illuminating space. It's a fun device for people to play with. That's the idea behind its design.

Laser Blade - March 2014

An invisible line creates circular luminous magic. This application gives a complete overview of Laser Blade a product that revolutionises the concept of the downlight.

Light+Building - March 2014

Social Innovation means responding to emerging needs with new ways of cooperating, through open networks, producing sustainable ideas and identifying new tools. Lighting changes things. It is at the centre of social change. This application introduces the latest iGuzzini innovations.